Sunday, June 12, 2011

Battle of the Brands: Pam VS Wilton

Welcome to the driest, most boring first post of a blog in the history of the Internet. There should have been clowns and trumpets andchampagne and cake with sprinkles somewhere here, but no. I chose grease. Wow.

This is the first edition of the Battle  of the Brands.
Contender on the left: Wilton cake release, contender on the right: PAM Original cooking spray w/flour.
Both competitors used the same baking pan, same cake recipe, same cooking time, same temperature.
You should think the result would be pretty even?
Guess again.

Naughty Pam got very eager and sprayed not only the pan, but parts of the kitchen floor as well. Wilton looked a little goopy and weird, and needed to be applied with a brush. A little extra work, but not so much it would ruin your day completely.

The end result?
The Wilton cake came out with almost no air pockets, didn't stick a bit, even when the cake was still a little warm.  It also didn't brown much on the edges. PAM did her best, poor thing, but ended up being... just OK. A few pieces stuck to the pan, the surface was somewhat uneven and the cake was brown around the edges.
The picture says it all - which cake would you rather have?


  1. I'm guessing the Wilton was the cake on the left? Is Wilton available at stores or only specialty shops and online?

  2. You know you could have just asked me that from across the room... but in the name of public interest: Wilton Cake release is available at cake supply stores, mass retailers like Wal-mart, and hobby stores like Michael's and Hobby Lobby. It costs a couple of $$ more than the grocery store spray, but I think you save a lot in the long run, as you'll ruin fewer cakes...