Thursday, September 29, 2011

Birthday Cake: Gabriella!

Gabriella is 4 years old and wanted a My Little Pony cake. Because I'm paranoid about legal matters, I'm always a little weary of making cakes with copyrighted characters, so I opted for (I know... shoot me...) a couple of mini-plastic ponies, and made the rest of the decorations in gumpaste. Gabriella doesn't like fondant, so the cake is covered in buttercream.

The little rainbow is made from rice krispie treats, covered in fondant, painted with food coloring and brushed with edible gold glitter. The camera doesn't pick up the sparkle from the glitter, but just imagine that the rainbow is all sparkly, and you get the picture.

The kids really loved the inside of the cake, which was rainbow colored as well. You can get step by step instructions on how to do that here.


  1. No close ups of the details in the flowers? It was pretty (and yummy).