Thursday, July 7, 2011

How-To: Li'l horsie!

Seems the world loves little horsies, so here's how I made the cute little one from Samantha's birthday cake!

First, here's what we need:

2 football-ish shaped balls for the body and face, 2 small and 2 large cones for the legs, a different colored fondant for the accents and a 3rd color for mane and tail.

I stamped out little circles for the hooves and the nose, and wrapped them around the legs and the head, like so:
Then I added 2 tiny balls and pricked them in the middle with a toothpick to make nostrils, and made a little crooked, smiling mouth just for the cuteness factor.

Put it all together with fondant glue (a little pinch of tylose powder in a couple of teaspoons of water) or water. The larger cones are the hind legs, the smaller in the front.

Add some details, like mane and tail (I like to use a garlic press for perfect hair) and soon we have this cute little guy.

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